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Ole asked if the players are feeling tired


  • Ole asked if the players are feeling tired

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    "You'd expect players to feel it towards the end of a season anyway. This season has been a strange one as everyone knows. We've had five weeks playing now and all teams have got issues whether it be mental or physical injury-wise. We're in a very good position going into the last game even though I'm sure some of the players are feeling it but now is not the time to look for pains and aches. Now is the time to get 90 minutes in.”
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    • Martin Keown questions if Ole is trusted by MUFC
      by E.S.
      Martin Keown questions if Ole is trusted by MUFC

      “We’re used to seeing Manchester United win things,”

      “It’s almost a rebirth of Manchester United but how long have we got to wait?

      “Yes, the consistency and finishing second in the Premier League is probably what’s going to get him a new deal but when it comes to it you’ve got to have that way to win.”

      “But following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson, no one has been able to recreate that.

      “They’ve had a succession of managers at the club but have not really been trusted and had a working relationship [with the club] and I do feel that with Ole.

      “I do feel, when you look at it, he’s lucky to still be there really.

      "He knows the standards that are being set and he can’t keep suffering disappointments, semi-final after semi-final, getting to finals.

      “I do think he’s fortunate but this is the current day Manchester United.”...
      31-05-2021, 07:51 AM
    • New Red News Fanzine - out now.
      by E.S.
      New Red News Fanzine - out now.

      order via this link - - receive a fanzine and the love of Red News in return
      31-05-2021, 07:48 AM
    • So the football season is over and the transfer silly season has begun
      by E.S.
      So the football season is over and the transfer silly season has begun

      Which means endless transfer speculation, rumour and a few lies no doubt thrown in to add to the drama of it all

      First up we have the suggestion that Ronaldo may move from Juventus to MUFC

      We also have the suggestion that Tom Heaton (the goalkeeper) will be another player to make a return to the club he once played for

      Of course there is the ongoing Harry Kane story where United are supposedly on the list of clubs he'd be interrested in moving to.

      Plus the ever present Sancho to MUFC speculation which is usually accompanied by some ridiculously large numbers for the transfer fee we are supposedly willing to spend despite needing to replace players in a few other positions....
      31-05-2021, 07:45 AM
    • Ole praises the United squad
      by E.S.
      Ole praises the United squad

      “I’ve been delighted with the effort, desire, determination of all the players,“

      ”I can’t fault them at all and we’ve probably done as well as anyone could have imagined. So yeah, those of us who are here now need to do better, we need to work better, work harder, cleverer.

      “But as I’ve said, two or three players to strengthen the starting XI and the squad altogether. It’s important for us to go even further because I’m sure our challengers will also want to improve so we will want to improve as much as we can.”...
      27-05-2021, 09:00 AM
    • Ole attempts to justify why no substitutions were made in normal time
      by E.S.
      Ole attempts to justify why no substitutions were made in normal time

      “We felt the players out there, you have got Mason [Greenwood], Marcus [Rashford, who are] matchwinners in their own right,“

      ”Bruno [Fernandes], Edi [Cavani], of course, they can create anything. Scott McTominay was absolutely outstanding out there. For me, he was the best player on the pitch.

      “So it is difficult to make that change, especially when Fred has been injured for a week, and he came on and he did well, the boy. But we just couldn’t create enough chances to win the game. When they have [Pau] Torres and [Raul] Albiol in there to make crosses it is always going to be difficult. We needed to play our way into the box quicker....
      27-05-2021, 08:57 AM
    • Ole attempts to explain that United performance in the Europa League final
      by E.S.
      Ole attempts to explain that United performance in the Europa League final

      “We didn’t turn up. We didn’t play as well we know we can do. We started alright, but they got the goal, the only shot they had on target they score. I was disappointed we conceded a goal again on a set-play. We pushed, we pressed but after we scored we couldn’t control the game and dominate as well as we wanted. That is football at times. They made it hard for us and closed the spaces. We had the majority of possession and they defended well. We didn’t create enough big chances.”

      “Now is not the time to point the finger on what I would have done different, but when you come out with no trophy you have not done everything right.”

      “We are getting closer and closer and better. We are one kick away today from having a trophy and having a good night. But we have got to have the desire to come back next year and improve and get better, and that will be about the margins. The only way to get the margins on your side is to work harder and better.”

      “We need to get better, as simple as. We have done really well this season coming through the start was really difficult. We had no pre-season whatsoever and lost three of the first six games, all of them at home. We pushed in the league, maybe got closer to the top than we thought and we got to a final, but you need to win these finals to make it a good season.”

      “We are building a strong squad, a competitive squad. The spirit in the squad is really good. They are gutted in there. Now is not the time to analyse the whole season.”

      “You've got to be strong. You've got to learn from failure. You've got to learn from disappointment, because it’s a lesson. It’s a lesson that we’re not still where we want to be. We’re still not at the quality we want to be. We go away now. Some have the Euros, some have the holidays. The one thing that’s definite is that everyone has to come back with a desire to improve and I’m sure they will have this feeling for a couple of days and come back stronger.”
      27-05-2021, 08:52 AM