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Can you be one of the 334 Reds that keeps RedNews going for the year ahead? Sub campaign now open.


  • Can you be one of the 334 Reds that keeps RedNews going for the year ahead? Sub campaign now open.

    Can you be one of the 334 Reds that keeps RedNews going for the year ahead? Sub campaign now open.

    Red News needs your help.

    We need your support now more than ever.
    Target = 334 Reds signing up! By July 31st 2021.

    If you believe in fanzines + RN, please do support if you can.
    Pledge, subscribe and keep the fanzine going for the year ahead.
    Behind closed doors has destroyed matchday sales of Utd's first fanzine.

    We need to reach target for the fanzine to survive. Support us or lose us.
    100% independent, 100% unofficial.

    An independent fanzine which passionately believes in MUFC fan culture and giving YOU a voice. Fanzines are important to us. And, we feel, important to you as it provides a different voice - yours - away from the mainstream and official mass. We want to remain strong, especially in difficult times like these - and with your support we will keep printing.

    We know there is a lot going on, and a lot for readers to be dealing with at the moment - so we're asking for your support right now only if you are in a position to give it. And we hope you and yours are all ok.

    For the fanzine, it's undoubtedly our biggest and most important appeal/sub campaign, one that decides if we will be here in the next 12 months - we haven't sold at a game in over a year, and whilst we now have hope of some kind of a return, we still remain fearful that a full Old Trafford might be some time away. The impact on RedNews has been dramatic. This sub campaign guarantees Red News publishes for the next season ahead.

    We've carried on printing since last March, but a significant downturn in orders have reflected the difficult times. If we don't make target, we might not be able to continue; fanzine, podcasts, etc.

    We want to carry on printing for 2021/22 - and with your support we can.

    We're having to think a bit ahead - so we've made the decision to keep printing double mags next season (21/22). So you won't miss out on content, this will now be six big double issues for a sub (at 72 pages each), meaning, in terms of content, it's 12 mags of the old format for your yearly sub. We also hope to provide a unique subscribers gift if we reach the summer sub campaign target.

    We have never needed your support as subscribers as much as now - so if you can pledge a sub, be it print or pdf, you are helping to keep RedNews going when we needs it the most.

    We still believe the terraces of Old Trafford and its culture are a little bit stronger when Red News is around, and that our fanzine still provides a strong voice, and a different take on supporting MUFC that is worth preserving. We believe we continue to offer a unique window onto United. We are passionate about our club. And we show it. You might agree, or disagree with some of the content. That's healthy. That's the point of a fanzine. It's not just one set view, but a mix of different voices offering strong, important views on our club. And then try to have a laugh at it all.

    So on our 34th anniversary we are again opening up our new advanced annual subscription campaign until July 31st - and the target will be 334 Reds signing up. Last year you kindly helped us break the 380 mark. Please support if you can.

    Take care, and thank you for continuing to keep OUR voice alive.


    For info; the subs taken out now will start from RedNews284/285 which will publish in August - unless you tell us otherwise. Our May double issue 282/283 will conclude the sub campaign from 2020/21 - so if you are a current subscriber and subscribe now we will just add this onto the existing one and your new sub would start from next season. If you are a new subscriber for the first time, the sub will start from August, unless you tell us otherwise... But we can accommodate any request, of course!

    We do not have an automatic subscription function, so rely on you renewing, thanks!

    Any questions whatsoever, let us know.

    And, just, thank you. And please take care.

    Glory Glory Man United!
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    • Ole is wary of Roma and second legs
      by E.S.
      Ole is wary of Roma and second legs

      "Roma are one of the teams that have really caused upsets and shockwaves in second legs. In fact, three years ago, when they came back against Barcelona. So we know what they’re capable of. But our focus is to go and win the game. We want to improve as a team and develop as a team and handle difficult situations, and the goal is to win the game of football and, if we do that, then we’ve done a good job.”
      06-05-2021, 09:14 AM
    • Ole praises Greenwood's attitude
      by E.S.
      Ole praises Greenwood's attitude

      “Every game is difficult because I’ve got players that I feel deserve game-time but that’s the privilege I’ve got because I’ve got many good players. But it’s also the downside for some of the players that are going to take a sidestep and wait for an opportunity. I think Mason’s attitude lately shows what a person he is and player he is. He’s never sulked when I’ve asked him to start of the bench. He’s come on – against Roma and Tottenham - and scored in both games and showed great attitude for the team.”
      06-05-2021, 09:13 AM
    • Ole wants a final and hopefully a trophy
      by E.S.
      Ole wants a final and hopefully a trophy

      “I hope we can finish this season with a final and, preferably, win it. We want to take the next step now to get to the final and that would help with the five games we’ve got left in the league as well and we would have something to focus on at the end. Everyone is focused and we’re ready for Thursday.”
      06-05-2021, 09:11 AM
    • Daniel James is injured and Martial is recovering but not ready to play
      by E.S.
      Daniel James is injured and Martial is recovering but not ready to play

      "Dan James is not available, he’s still out for a little while.”

      “He [Anthony] is looking good. He’s just about started outside jogging which is the first step on the rehab of course. He’s done most of his work in the gym and to see him out getting some fresh air is good. And then hopefully we will see him. He’s supporting the team, he wants to be part of a final and he’s working hard to be available even before then.”
      06-05-2021, 09:09 AM
    • Bruno wants a trophy
      by E.S.
      Bruno wants a trophy

      “For us, it is a psychological improvement if we win the Europa League. Because last season we didn't win anything, so if we win a trophy it is an improvement. It's still not enough for us, but it is something from the club, from the players to say that we are doing better. But there is still a lot to improve, as I said before.”...
      06-05-2021, 09:05 AM
    • Bruno gives a player perspective on the protests at the weekend
      by E.S.
      Bruno gives a player perspective on the protests at the weekend

      “Of course, for us, it was hard because we want to play football. This is what it's about for us. We prepared well for the big game and of course the chance to play in this kind of game is always good. The team was ready to play. It was a good week for us, we played really well against Roma before and the confidence was high. This type of thing, we have nothing to say about that. The fans have their own words and they think it was the best for them and they did it, and we have nothing to say on that. Our focus is on playing football and doing the best for the club.”

      “It is not close with that because what happened at Sporting - not Sporting Lisbon, please - was completely different and was something between the fans and the players. Here, we have no problems with the fans. They don't come close to us. The problems the fans had at Sporting were to the players and it was really different to what happened to us on Sunday. Honestly, I don't want to compare because I don't want to remember what happened at Sporting; that has passed. From Sporting, I have just good memories and what happened on Sunday is passed; it is over. The most important thing for the team is to play now against Roma and we will see when we play against Liverpool. The most important is for the team to win games. For us, as players, all we want is to play.”

      "I was in my room watching football because it was Udinese against Juventus. I never tried to come outside; no-one tried to go outside. We just did what security told us. We just stayed in our room. If someone tried to go out, I don't know. I didn't see anyone try and come out.”
      06-05-2021, 09:05 AM