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Ex-MUFC youngster Paul McShane remembers his days at MUFC and a certain Roy Keane


  • Ex-MUFC youngster Paul McShane remembers his days at MUFC and a certain Roy Keane

    Ex-MUFC youngster Paul McShane remembers his days at MUFC and a certain Roy Keane

    “I remember there was talk that a few lads would get called up because there were quite a few injuries. So then I got the call and it was amazing like, it really was.

    “I was going on tour with Manchester United. It was a really great experience. I ended up playing a game, I think it was in Chicago maybe. We played Bayern Munich. Santa Cruz was up front and stuff.

    “The three at the back was me on the right-hand side, Roy Keane in the middle and Jonathan Spector on the left.

    “It was a 0-0 draw and I think we lost on penalties but it was brilliant. It was great to be with the first team every day and see how they acted and all that.”

    “He [Roy Keane] was my biggest hero growing up. I did okay in the games, but didn’t do well in training. He used to hammer me in training.

    “I remember there was one training session out in America. I gave the ball away in the possession game – probably more than once to be honest – and he hammered me. He absolutely slaughtered me and I was so shocked.

    “I was running away from the ball then. I didn’t want to touch the ball from then on in. Afterwards he was like ‘it’s tough love, you’ve got to learn. You can’t be the young lad forever. You’ve got to learn.’”

    “Something that I took away from that was ‘yeah, I suppose you can’t be the young lad forever.’ I’ve been to clubs where people still think they’re young when they’re 24.

    “They don’t really crack on, they don’t take responsibility as a professional, a senior player. It was a good tip from Roy but it was tough love.

    “I was terrified in training then but, in the game, I played alright and he gave me a bit of praise afterwards.”
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      Ole talks about the Europa League Final - what it means in the context of MUFC

      “Manchester United has meant a lot to me throughout my life as well. Of course, to be able to lead the team out in a final is going to be a proud moment for me. It’s going to be great to see the players we have worked with for two-and-a-half years now, and we’ve taken the step into a final after the near misses we’ve had. To get to a final is one thing, when you get to a final you need to win it, or you want to win it. You don’t get a prize for attending. We're all focused and I can't wait to see the players walk out on that pitch.”

      "For the team, for the fans, for the club, we want to win. Those nights when you win a trophy brings everyone together, it’s a celebration. When you lose a big game it’s disappointment. When we won in 1999, of course it made history but it didn't make me a better player. It didn’t make us individually better players but as a group we believed we could go on to win more stuff. We comfortably won the league the next couple of seasons. We couldn’t repeat the Champions League, but still it gives you a lot as a group. We will only know and time will tell what it will do to the team. Like I’ve said sometimes, trophies will hide other facts. We've felt we’ve come a long way. We’ve done it the hard way, lost four semi-finals and now we’re in a final and I think we're ready for the next step.”

      "We've played against some very good teams, either from Spain or Italy. Of course, you can’t really say it is the Champions League because it isn’t, but we’ve felt that we’ve had to play really well to get through. We haven’t been able, so to say, to play weakened teams that you sometimes could do in the Europa, and we really did get tested. The whole season has been a test for our squad to see how far we’ve come. Of course, we see the finalists in Chelsea and Manchester City, in the Champions League. We’ve played some really good games against both teams so we know we can be close when we’re at our best, but we've got to be consistent on that level.”

      "The human side of you, you want everyone to get this experience, but then you can only pick 11. That’s just the perks or nature of this job, that you basically have to make some tough decisions. You have to stand by them. We still have a couple of games in the league to finalise what the XI in the final will be. We’ll have to sit down with the individual. I remember Sir Alex, he came to my hotel room to explain why I didn't play in the semi-final against Bayer Leverkusen [in 2002] and we sat there for five minutes and we had a good conversation. I still felt I had a contribution to make, that I was important for his team. All my players, they know that they have been important for us this season. We couldn’t have gotten to a final, second place in the league, without everyone’s contribution every day, because that’s the culture we’re in. They’ve been competitive but very supportive as well.”
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    • Your support for the Red News fanzine is amazing - thank you
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      Your support for the Red News fanzine is amazing - thank you

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      “He's making progress but we've consciously taken the route of not testing him out too early, too quickly because we don’t want to aggravate something. Harry is, how do you say, adherent? He wants this so much so he doesn't want to make any risks either. When I spoke to him this morning he was quite positive but, naturally, the day after it happened we were all down. We saw early on, we decided that we had to focus, had to be positive and think that you will make it until you have to say no. I’ve always been an optimist, so we’re positive.”...
      Yesterday, 09:44 AM
    • Ole sums up his thoughts on the result v Liverpool
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      Ole sums up his thoughts on the result v Liverpool

      “Liverpool deserved the win. But it was a game that we should have capitalised on. That start we had, we should have capitalised more on that one and that’s something we have to learn from and will learn from. I don’t think the boys understood that they [Liverpool] were here for the taking. We played well and we played some great football, but when we lost the ball we were a little bit on the back foot. We let them play out and we should have pressed more and made it more difficult, but we’ll learn from it.”

      “Just before half-time, just after the second half starts and of course injury time are bad times to concede goals. We gave them three goals really – at least two of them we gave them. And after we scored again at 3-2, when we had our own momentum, we had a massive double chance then. I’ve got to say, how that ball doesn’t go in after that pinball game in there… that was the moment we should have capitalised on. Key moments went against us.”

      “You never like to concede on set plays. We’ve done that too often, so we need to work on that. As for the way we started the second half, we want to play out from the back and we trust the players to do that. Once in a while it can go wrong and unfortunately today it did go wrong. We’ve seen so many times that it’s worked and we’ve played through teams. Unfortunately it’s against Liverpool when it didn’t work. It was really, really poor, the start of the second half. We gave them that third goal.”

      “Harry’s been really important for us. He’s been absolutely top since he came to the club. So of course we’re going to miss him, but he’s out so we’ve got to deal with that. We’ve got good enough players to be able to deal with it, we should be [able to], so now it’s about regrouping. Start building our own confidence and momentum again because we’ve got two games in the league and then a final.”
      Yesterday, 09:43 AM
    • Ole wants to find the United form again before the Europa League final
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      Ole wants to find the United form again before the Europa League final

      “We need to find ourselves straightaway. We’ve got Fulham on Tuesday and we need to start, as I said, building that momentum and confidence because we have two league games left. It’s not a lot of preparation but we should go into that Europa League final ready. So I expect Tuesday to be a good one. Hopefully when we can let the fans in on Tuesday, it’ll be a good atmosphere here.”
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