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  • [1] Wigan Away by @royman7

    Wigan Away by @royman7

    Wigan as always held a special place in my heart, which isn't a statement you'll hear too many times about the town!

    Growing up, I held a special fascination towards trains, so my parents would take me to Wigan North Western as they often had a variety of different trains passing through, and afterwards I'd find myself a film from Cash Converters, which they'd treat me to.

    Unfortunately, I had never been able to get back to Wigan, even for football, but having heard that the Reds would be having a friendly up there, for which there would be a 6,700 allocation, I knew that would be my perfect chance to make another trip.

    Having never driven up there, I opted to set off early, to find a decent car parking spot which weren't too far away from the ground, and to get something to eat.

    Turns out, the DW Stadium as an abundance of places to park, and I was able to find a place within walking distance to the ground.

    The quest for food was a bit stranger.

    A bar in a gym, served alcohol, but not food on a match day, which is traditionally, something I find to be the other way around.

    Fortunately, there was some food close to the ground, at typically extortionate prices, and then I went and put an abundance of chilli sauce on my chips, thinking it was ketchup. Still it was decent, even if I ended up going through ten bottles of water.

    A close away game, and cheap prices, as well as it being Jose Mourinho's first game in charge lead to United almost filling up their 6,700 allocation and everyone was in a joyous mood at the fresh start.

    The football was about as good as anything under the Louis Van Gaal era, however new signings Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan impressed, as well as Luke Shaw, who was applauded by the away end.

    Bailly drew a few wolf whistles, with an outrageous bit of skill, whilst Mkhitaryan seemed the most capable of getting the crowd off their sits (not that it was needed).

    However it was Mourinho who drew the attention of the crowd.

    Chants requesting for a wave, were turned down, before the away end chanted "Sit down Mourinho".

    But it was Mourinho's red army which got the longest airing for the new manager, who seems more at home with his new team than Van Gaal ever did.

    Early second half goals from Will Keane and Andreas Pereira kept the mood amongst the fans, bright and lively, with even a red smoke bomb getting chucked shortly after the second goal.

    The second half seem to go by much quicker, even though there wasn't much action from either side.

    The final whistle led to the players applauding the away end, and a parting fist pump from our new manager.

    Let's hope that we have a few more of those, but after far bigger occasions.
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