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[17] Jose Mourinho asked if he faces more Bastian like tough decisions ahead

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  • [17] Jose Mourinho asked if he faces more Bastian like tough decisions ahead

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    Q. Jose, that was clearly a difficult decision at the time and one you are reflecting on now, do you face more of those type of decisions now going forward now?

    Jose: More?

    Q. Yeah more because you need to shape your squad again in the summer, you’re going to move forward again and there will be some players that get left behind?

    Jose: “You know but in this moment I always say that the second season is the season where the manager knows everything about the players, what I knew about Bastian, not as a player because as a player everybody knows, but what I knew about him, was a season full of injuries, a season where he almost didn’t play, a season where he was not even having treatment in the club, he was having treatment outside the club, and I thought that was not right, the mentality was not right, was the kind of player I wouldn’t like to have in the squad. In the second season I know everything that is going on, in the second season I know the players I want, the players I don’t want, why I want, why I don’t want, why a player is playing, why a player is not playing, now I am inside for 10 months and 10 months is a long time and the second season is I think by the managerial point of view an easier season than the first.”
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