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"The result was good. We reacted to the results of yesterday because Man City and Liverpool won and it left us in a position of 'yes or no?' and it was a yes,. When you play against a team that is sad, if you score before, the game is almost over because it is difficult to react. They fought hard, they gave everything they could but you could feel that negative feeling around a team who is close to relegation. We controlled the match and with the second goal immediately, it was finished. The game was obviously open with the 0-0 but we were in control quite easily but that control was without danger. We had a couple of situations but no more than that and we were playing quite compact and solid. We controlled the game well. We could have played a bit better but maybe we felt that the game was in the pocket. The beautiful weather that we are not used to playing football in and with this temperature, the game was played with a slower intensity but we found lots of space in the second half with one player more on the pitch. We could probably get a different result but the three points was important thing now. It was open at 0-0. We were in control without danger. We were playing quite compact and solid. You need these players to break it. Every team has a couple of them. Zlatan did that.”