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[38] Jose Mourinho on a game of two halves

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  • [38] Jose Mourinho on a game of two halves

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    “My verdict? We wanted to do more in terms of attacking, we wanted to explore more the counter attack, we did that in the 1st half, we had very good control of the game in the 1st half, the 2nd half was more difficult and in the end with one player less, even worse, so then we had to make the right decision and fight hard to have a point.”

    “They (city) started strong, they push us hard, they press higher. At the same time we were not able to have the ball and to move the ball well and I promise not to speak about the players that are not playing so that’s why I am not going to do it, I prefer to say that the qualities of the players on the pitch, especially the players on the midfield, we miss a little bit of that quality to have the ball, to start moving the ball, to start moving from the back, to connect with the attacking players. In the 1st half we were direct, we explore a few good positions behind their defenders, they stopped us with a lot of fouls, but fouls of intelligent, experience people like Kompany, fouls that the referee doesn’t give because they are really clever on it but in the 1st half I could feel that we were always dangerous, not with big occasions, we had a couple, but with this movements that could be the start of something important. In the 2nd half we didn’t have that, we lost too many balls, and in the 2nd half city was stronger than us.”
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