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“I’m enjoying myself right now. It was my decision to leave United. If there was an offer to go into management, I would look at it. That was the case. I spoke to Swansea last year. That was the only club I did speak to, even though I got linked with everyone, but the same again this year really. I’m busy enough, I’m enjoying the TV stuff, I do a bit of work for Uefa, technical observer stuff so that keeps me within football, and I’ve got a few businesses, I’ve got Salford City and obviously I’ve got two young kids so I’m busy enough at the moment, and I’ve really enjoyed this year. It’s totally different experience to what I’ve had previously, just relax, not putting yourself under pressure so yeah, nothing has changed really, where if a club wants to talk, then I’ll talk to them. Whether it be Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, this country, another country, I’ll look at all the options. I always maintained that it was not sort of Premier League, I would rather go to a good club lower down, who had the same ambition, same philosophy, rather than go to a Premier League team that are perhaps struggling, fire-fighting or got owners that are famous for sacking after six months. I think it’s really important that, when I do decide to go in, that the first job’s right for me."