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[10] Nicky Butt on those stats yesterday that United gave Academy players more first team minutes than anybody else

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  • [10] Nicky Butt on those stats yesterday that United gave Academy players more first team minutes than anybody else

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    “It’s a great sign that we’re doing things the right way. It’s a massive pat on the back to the people who have been here and doing the hard work over the course of the last 15 or 20 years. Now, we’ve got to keep doing it. We have to keep the same regime and move on. It’s important to develop ourselves and we always have to step forward. Sir Alex was the best at that, he never stood still or got into a comfort zone. You keep those morals, but you also keep adding things and keep putting your mind towards improving. There are no targets. We just want to work hard and get some of the older ones as close to the first team as possible. For the younger ones, it’s about stepping stones, getting them from A to B and not going too far, too soon. There’s no rush; some of them are still babies really - 14, 15 or 16 years old. They’re doing well, they’re on the pathway, but there’s a long way to go and that’s the most important thing. There’s a science to it, there’s a way to do it, and we believe we’re the best at it. With that report coming out earlier this week, it backs that up, and it’s great. It does give the players confidence to see players given chances in the first team. We all like the superstars: the Pogbas, the Zlatans, the Lukakus – we love the players that come into the club. We’ve seen them over the years: Cantona, Veron, Ferdinand, Keane, all record-breaking transfers. Rooney is another. We love all of these players that help up become champions and the best in the world, but we also need players coming through our system as well."
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