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“It’s all about winning things. In some ways, it’s winning the league or nothing. It’s another one gone by if you haven’t won it. That’s the way I see it. We can’t be sat here saying, *‘Finishing in the top four is a step up from last season’. That’s not what we’re about here. We need to be aiming for the top. It’s a big club, this — a beast of a football club. I think it has over the years. We can all see that. There is a certain level of *expectation, standards and *scrutiny, that you probably don’t get elsewhere. There have been times in the league when standards have dropped, there’s no *hiding from that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back there again, if you keep doing the right things. I know we haven’t done great in the league, but we’ve still managed to win things. After the FA Cup win, for this new squad, to get that winning feeling is important. You can’t underestimate how important that can be. We managed to build on that last season. We won the Europa League, the EFL Cup and now we’re back in the Champions League.”