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“You know, it's more difficult because of our calendar, because of our fixtures. That's obvious. I think everybody knows. Everybody knows that. Everybody speaks about the same - the competitiveness of our Premier League, the number matches we've played, the extra cup we have with the League Cup, two-legged semi-finals in the League Cup, final in the middle of the season, big semifinals in the FA Cup, no time to rest between matches. Maybe respect is not the word, but the fixtures; it looks like they are not done thinking about protecting the teams and the intensity of every match. Even cup matches you play against a Championship team, you play against a League One team, a League Two team. Even that is competitive. In other countries, they have the winter break. They have sometimes, varies in matches where they can rest players, where they can send players on holiday, when the players can come back after break, and they arrive in the crucial moment of the Champions League stronger than anyone. That happens with the German teams, with the Spanish teams, with the French teams. Not the English teams."