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"The level of my team? If you want to compare with Real Madrid or Barcelona, it is easy to compare the level of the players and quality of the team. But we don't play in the same competition as them unless we meet in Europe, so we prefer not to compare ourselves with them. We prefer to compare with teams in the Premier League and we are much more adapted to that very hard competition. It has a different style, a different kind of player. In this moment the best players are in these two clubs and you have to accept that as a reality. But for us to play against both in pre-season without pressure or being worried about a result, just trying to play the best we can, was very good for us. Both played with their best team. Barcelona did. Only Pique was on the bench. Real Madrid, only Ronaldo and Ramos didn't play. So it is very, very good for us to measure against them."