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Red News sends it love and thoughts to Tom Clare and his family .. he deserves all reds love and support - read here to find out why ...

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  • Red News sends it love and thoughts to Tom Clare and his family .. he deserves all reds love and support - read here to find out why ...

    Many reds will know of, or have heard of, Tom Clare. Devoted red, who has had the privilege of watching many a United game and team.

    Tom writes for Red News, organises an annual charity dinner for reds to attend, helps out other reds and does so much for others.

    Tom is now facing his own challenge in the years ahead - the link below takes you to a place where you can leave messages of support and donate to help Tom

    Show him your love and support reds ... he deserves it.

    Cheers for reading

    Tom Clare is a loyal, and loving husband, to his wife and best friend Cheryl, of 11 years. Family means the world to Tom, whether family be by marriage, blood, friends, or the love and passion of his Manchester United family and friends. Sadly, the summer of 2017 has brought on an unexpected life changing event that will significantly affect Tom and his family. He has recently been diagnosed with Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) which has affected multiple parts of his body, and he is going to need an extensive array of medical care for a very long time.

    Tom’s life journey began in Manchester, England, in April 1945. His adult schooling took place at St Gregory’s RC Technical High School in his native city. As a young boy, he inherited a sporting passion for Manchester United Football Club, which is still so evident today. After spending three years in professional soccer, he enlisted into the British Army in 1963, serving in the Corps of Royal Engineers from 1963-65, then the Royal Corps of Transport from 1965 -86, and finally, he finished this chapter of his life as a Warrant Officer.

    In 1999, he made the decision to emigrate to the USA and settled in Houston, Texas, since when, he has lived a quiet, but happy and fulfilling life. Since his retirement from working life he has become an established author, specializing in his beloved Manchester United, which includes titles, Forever A Babe; The Men Who Were The Busby Babes; The United Tour of Manchester; and Manchester United Ramblings of a nostalgic Old Red. Tom has been a guest speaker on many radio and television shows. He would never brag or boast of any of his famed accomplishments as fame is not the reason behind this man. He is a simple man who prefers to live a simple yet happy lifestyle. Story telling will keep everyone laughing as Tom shares his knowledge, world experiences, and his deep rooted passion for his love of “Football” as he calls it or “Soccer” in my world.

    Many of you will know that Tom has always held a lifelong desire to help others, raising funds for various charities, schools, and organizations, in places as far away as Manchester UK, Germany, Atlanta, Dallas, and then in his home city in Houston

    Thomas Anthony Clare is also my Stepfather, Father in law to my husband Jeff and Grandfather to my 3 daughters (Katelyn, Kelly & Kimmy). He is a man who never wants to burden anyone and therefore would never ask for help from another person, not even in a time of his own need. Therefore, I am creating this fund on his behalf. With Tom’s recent, and shocking diagnosis of Cancer, he and his wife will face an enormous amount of medical expenses in the near future, even though he has medical insurance. My goal is to provide him with the security of knowing that his family, friends, and supporters are here for him throughout this journey.

    Please consider donating into this fund to help make Tom’s Journey a little less stressful. I will post ongoing updates and news of any kind here. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this and thank you for offering your ongoing support, donations, prayers or simply words of encouragement to Tom as he begins his Journey for a Cure
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