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[22] Jose Mourinho says he supports the transfer window ending before the season starts

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  • [22] Jose Mourinho says he supports the transfer window ending before the season starts

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    Q. Gylfi Sigurdsson has obviously left them, after their first game of the season, there is talk this week about the Premier League shutting the transfer window before the season starts, is that something that you would back, something that you would welcome moving forward?

    JM: “You know I had a meeting with the representative of the Premier League, I gave my opinion but in the end the clubs are going to vote and I think that obviously, the democratic way the decision will be the decision that the majority of the clubs are going to support and vote, of course I will meet with Mr Woodward because I know that he will want to share my opinion so I think very soon we are going to have a decision.”

    Q. What is your opinion Jose?

    JM: “You know that my opinion is we have to adapt to the situation, doesn’t matter what, but as a football manager and not a market man, just as a football man, just as somebody that wants to work the team and wants to work the players, I would prefer the window to close as soon as possible so everybody knows the players we have, the deals would be done earlier and nobody would be waiting for the last week and we wouldn’t have the situation of sometimes the player to play game Number 1 and game Number 2 for another team, and the question marks that somebody puts about if other leagues they don’t close at the same time are we in danger of losing players in the last couple of weeks and my question is, how many clubs in the world are powerful enough to buy the best players in the Premier League and the answer I think is very obvious so the risk is minimal and even these powerful clubs they have to know if we cannot buy say after 13/14/15 August more or less, if we cannot buy, we are not going to sell so if they are interested in players from the Premier League they have also to do it before that limit so again I repeat I am not a market man, as a football manager I would like it to close before the first match.”
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