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Q. How disruptive, you are in a situation now of trying to get players in, I don’t know whether players will leave, you have got two weeks left, how disruptive is it in terms of the work you are trying to do preparing your team to play Saturday and preparing…

JM: “Not for me specifically but I can imagine that some managers, they don’t have the same situation as I have. My club did phenomenally well, you know, I had four targets, we got three and we got all of them before the first match of the season so my club did a great work for us. The players that I have in the squad, nobody is in doubt, we are very objective with them, we are very face to face of the players are not in this risk of maybe my manager in the last day of the market is going to say that he doesn’t want me, no, everybody knows situation well, even Tim Fosu-Mensah we wanted to do it, we accept to do it before the first match of the season so we are in a stable situation.”

Q. Jose are you still in the market then for players in this window, possibly still a wide player?

JM: “I don’t think we are, unless something happened that put us in the market again. But I told Mr Woodward that obviously my plans were 4, but I also told be cool, no pressure from me, do what you think is the best for the club. We will be together again for another transfer window in January and now in the next summer so there is no pressure from me at all and I’m happy with the squad we have and I’m ready to go without the 4th player so if we are out of the market, I’m fine, I’m ready.”