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Q. Jose, you’re one of only two managers that have managed to defend the Premier League title, it seems that in recent years it’s been even more difficult for teams to do it the 2nd season after winning the trophy, why do you think that is?

JM: “No, I think if you remember when I won two consecutive titles with Chelsea I remember clearly that Manchester United manager at that time he told that we bought the bar to a certain level, that they felt they had to improve a lot to try and win the trophy back and I think this happened almost every season. Somebody wins, and the others they are not happy, the others don’t accept with hands in the pocket and the others they work to try to improve, to try to be better. So I think that’s the situation but at the same time the team that wins is a team with that stature, if they win they win for some reason, they win because they were the best team and you know, when we say Leicester, we say what they did was so amazing that nobody would be expecting Leicester the next season to win the Premier League again, but when is a team like Chelsea or anyone of the top teams, obviously, obviously it’s still the favourite to win the title the next year.”