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[25] Jose Mourinho is not getting carried away with the 4-0 victory in our first game

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  • [25] Jose Mourinho is not getting carried away with the 4-0 victory in our first game

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    Q. Jose, when a side wins 4-0 like you did last weekend, what difference does it make to the confidence levels around the club and how do the confidence levels at the moment compare to the rest of your time here?

    JM: “You know, I’m too stable and too experienced to lose my discipline, to lose my stability and to think that a 4-0 result make us the best team in the country and make us the favourite and make us the dream team. We are not favourites, we are not a dream team, we are just a team with more confidence than the last season with more time of work with probably more happiness, more relaxed on the pitch, the way we play, the way we face matches, but I’m calm you know, when I look to the last match, of course I like many, many things but the challenge is not to repeat the result because to repeat a 4-0 result in the Premier League is not easy, but to repeat the same kind of performance, you know, good tactical discipline in the team, a good, I would say really good, clean sheet, good football, good dynamica in attacks, scoring goals, winning 1-0 and keep playing to try to score more goals and to try to play well, I liked a lot. I like also the fact that the 3 subs which normally is disappointed people to be on the bench, they come to the pitch and even for 5 minutes like Jesse or 10 like Anthony or 15 like Fellaini they come and they perform at the same level. And when I look even to the stands, and I have good players that I didn’t even select them, I’m happy, but you know it’s just the beginning and last season we started 3 matches, 9 points, and we finish 6th so it’s not because of a very good first day that I am going to lose my stability, my discipline and let the players think differently than myself.”
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