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[10] What Phil Jones told the UUEFA doping official in Stockholm… bleep, bleep… bleep!

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  • [10] What Phil Jones told the UUEFA doping official in Stockholm… bleep, bleep… bleep!

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    UEFA's head of president office, Luka Zajc

    “The first player from Manchester United, Phil Jones, came to the doping control station)and was very upset that he had to be in the DCS. He wanted to leave the DCS to celebrate with the team but I told him that he had to do the sampling first. He then told me I was a f***** doing this and that I had a f****** job and how I could be so f****** stupid to consider having such a f****** job. I told him that this was the UEFA regulations and that my job was to do the control. He still continued to tell me I had a f****** job and how I even could do that job. I then asked him to calm down and stop insulting me and then he said he didn't want to talk to me anymore.”

    “I trust that you can understand that, even if a player is frustrated or upset, he has to respect the work of the competition officials who are carrying out doping tests. This is the least we can expect from any professional sportsman. For your information, I can further advise that, on a strict application of the rules, the normal sanction imposed for insulting match officials would be a three-match suspension. In the circumstances of this particular case, however, the disciplinary body decided to impose a reduced sanction, given the full background elements.”
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