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[7] Zlatan Ibrahimovic on why he’s recovering so quickly - because he’s a lion

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  • [7] Zlatan Ibrahimovic on why he’s recovering so quickly - because he’s a lion

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    to ESPN

    “Lions! Lions, they don't recover like humans. I feel good. I work hard, I didn't have a day off since the injury, I want to keep playing at the top level and you need to build up the knee and do good, because when I come back I don't want to be something I wasn't, I want to be the one I was and even better. So it means I have to train even harder, train myself harder and push myself as much as I can do, and that is what I'm doing every day. But I feel good, nothing rushed like somebody think. And we train according to the schedule and according to how I feel. I am strong. In the beginning when it happened, it was something new for me because it was a big injury, this is the first major injury and was a different situation because I've been playing 15-20 years, every game feeling good, feeling fresh, until that moment where I feel I will not be able to play every three days. It will take longer than one month, it's a new situation, something new I have to learn, a new challenge I have to go through but mentally I am strong. When I decide something, I don't back up from that challenge or something else, I go for the objective and my goal is to come back and be stronger and to do more because I'm not done yet. I decide when I'm done."

    so when is he back?

    "I don't know. I mean I feel good. There is some people who not even knowing my injury talking nine months or one year. I take it day by day. When I come back, I will be more than ready."
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