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"We have good talks, he's a very good coach and I think I will develop enormously under him. So it feels good. I don't know (when games will arrive). I've just arrived at the club, I've been there for less than two months.”

"It's clear that you always want to play. It's tough competition with very good players. So we'll see how it gets, but of course you always want to play. I have just got to the club. It is a process. The last training week has gone very well and I feel I'm getting into it more and more."

"It has been good - getting to know the club, everything around, all the players, the leaders and the system. It is a very important time for me. It is clear that there is a difference. There are more eyes on Manchester United than there are on Benfica."

and on Zlatan’s return to United

"It's great to have the chance to play with him again and very important for the club to get such a quality player, That's going to be great, he's important both on and off the pitch."