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"Marcus and Jesse are such role models to me because they were late developers like I am,. Not everybody is born at 16 years old ready to go straight into the Premier League and they're physically ready. At 16 years old, I was like a really young boy and it takes time for boys to blossom and that is why this club was so patient with me. Not every single boy is physically capable of going and playing in the Premier League at such a young age. Michael Keane is another one, a brilliant example, who is doing so well now. He was struggling when he was 18. He was growing, he was changing. You can't tell anything in football until it is done. I still personally think I've got a long way to go with my physique, I am still quite slim. I am not the finished article physically. Nowhere near. But you just have to keep working hard every day and hopefully improve on all that and see how it goes."