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[14] Marcus Rashford tries to avoid the hangers-on and pitfalls

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  • [14] Marcus Rashford tries to avoid the hangers-on and pitfalls

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    “The big change is the way I have to look after myself because someone is always trying to get something off the back of you. There’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to be smart and try not to put myself in those situations as much as I can. Instead I just do normal stuff, like PlayStation or take the dogs for a walk. It can be anything, it can be your own friends, or even people’s family members. It’s difficult but what am I to know? Like I said, I have people around me that guide me and kind of keep me away from certain things. Sometimes as a young player, that’s what’s needed.”

    “When I was younger my family taught me how to behave. My brothers look after me now and my mum relaxes. Ryan Giggs was also a big help. The coaches have been there and done it. Paul Scholes had a couple of training sessions when he was doing his coaching badges and they were fun and enjoyable. But where we learn the bread and butter is when we’re very young but people don’t know about those coaches, people like Paul McGuinness.”

    "It’s about having a lot of respect for everyone regardless of who they are or what they do. Just having that alone can get you a long way. It’s the main message they give you. United are very good at nourishing abilities. They keep us grounded. If you are winning a game by a ridiculous scoreline, then obviously as attackers we might start messing about if we have scored three goals or whatever. But the coaches would say you’re beating them but still show them respect. They drill that into you from a very, very young age.”
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