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"Once I found out football was just a sport, and not the be all and end all, I think my passion for it died a bit. I was ready to leave football when I left, 100%. I think the time was right - I didn't want to prolong the dream. I completely bought into the whole football culture. I think I lived in a bubble, and the whole facilities I took for granted."

"I think everything's downhill from there, making your debut at Old Trafford. I left United - no-one really ever does that - but I just love experiences and different cultures.

"I was never a Wayne Rooney, I was never a Cristiano Ronaldo or any of these huge players - but I obviously played with them and got into an amazing team, which is something else."

[After Leaving MUFC] "I had a nice home and a nice car, but I'd just be on my own. Nicola (his wife) would be at university and it'd just be me thinking 'what can I do now? Football wasn't going great for me at the time, actually, and I was quite lonely."

"It was only when I went to North America and saw how those footballers were living that it changed,"

"They were being careful with their money - it didn't matter what clothes or shoes they wore, and that awakened me.

"I was really annoyed at football when I was in New York and I just started watching lots of documentaries, reading lots of books and it just completely opened my eyes to it all, to be honest."