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“Jose has his opinion, but there was always going to be a *transitional period after Sir Alex’s time was over.There was a changing of the guard. Not only did I replace Alex, David Gill had also stepped down as chief executive and Ed Woodward came in. So it was always going to take time. Yes, I took over the champions, but clubs like Chelsea and Man City spent huge amounts of that money that summer in a bid to overtake us. And it was difficult for me to go into Old Trafford and rip up the team that had just ran away with the title. Having said that, things would have been a lot different if we had landed our main transfer targets. We were in for Gareth Bale and Cesc Fabregas. They were genuine targets, but for one *reason or another we didn’t get them over the line. Getting them would have been the perfect start in terms of reshaping the squad I *inherited. Having said that, I accept *totally that when you are *manager of *Manchester United, you have to win. I didn’t win enough. But I don’t think there is a manager out there who would have been able to do something better or quicker in the time I was given after Sir Alex *retired. It was all about small *margins.”

“I have no *regrets about taking the United job. When you get offered a job like that you take it. When you compare my season to what Jose achieved last season it is about those small margins. United were always going to have to go though a difficult time when Alex left. You only have to see how much money they have spent over the last three years just to build a team capable of *challenging for the title again to see how difficult the job was.”