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"If a young boy like Marcus, all of a sudden, jumps onto the scene at 18, he has all these things going on/ The analysis work you have got to do, watching videos, you have to do your recovery with the sports science team. It's about how to cope with down time too as there is a lot of travelling and time spent in hotels. It's about having a coping mechanism. It is all new to them and it can be eye-opening. It's hard enough purely at the first-team football level but they've got all this stuff they have got to deal with. They must get their mind in gear as well and it's hard. They need to do little bits along the way so by the time they do get in the first team, it's all higher up. But the more they get into it, the impact and input of different aspects of the club, makes the transition a lot easier. It's always great seeing a youngster come through the Academy and make his debut. But it's just the start for them. The easy part is getting there, the hard part is staying there."