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"What I make of that? I make that in the 1st half, while we had energy in our midfield we were very much in control, we had no problems, they had one chance after a corner where we didn't press the men, that recover the second ball but that we had total control, we had the ball at times, when they had the ball they didn't find the solution. We had a great chance with Lukaku, we had a couple more. In the 2nd half, I was feeling 'I need my bench' and I had no bench. I need to play against them with power and energy and no power and no energy. We were playing only with two midfield players and I had nobody else to compensate that, so they were bringing Coutinho inside between the lines, the left corridor and the central corridor, they were making the 4th man and I had Herrera and Martic and nobody else and nobody on the bench to try to make a difference so progressively we were losing some control, they were having a little bit more initiative, so in the end a point."

"If I had solutions on the bench I have to do things that I did before in other matches, for example at Swansea, at Soton, I had no bench, I lost, I don't like to speak about it, and it's quite unfair for Herrera and Matic because they gave everything they had but Pogba, Fellaini and Carrick are our 3 midfield players that we don't have and again they play 90 minutes with 3, I thought playing at home, 7 points behind us, they are going to change, they never did, they change man for man in attack, they keep the 3 midfield players in the centre of the pitch and I had no chance to answer. I try to answer with more speed in attack, a little bit more creation, fresh people in Lingard, Rashford not fresh at all and injured, but then we couldn't find situations in the last 15-20 minutes."