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"Zlatan would never be broken by this injury. He is not a person who moans about himself during this injury. He is a person who takes this injury and turns it into something that makes him stronger, better and more complete. I didn't think he could be stronger, but it made him even stronger. He's stronger than he was before. Obviously, I was sad, because he had a fantastic season. But I do not have much time to be sad because my role is a different one. I was sad, not for me, but for him. I knew this would be a new fantastic chapter, that's how I took it, because this guy is amazing. He's crazy because he said he had nothing. No pain, nothing. He did not believe anything. But I knew it was more serious."

"His Doctor in the US. In his opinion, he has never seen a knee that is so strong and clean after a career that Zlatan has had, having had the hits he has had. This is a professor who treats top athletes all over the world and works with an American football team and he says he has never seen anything like that. For a person who, for the last 40 years of his life, has been involved in knees, he has found it is the best knee he has ever seen."