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"I’m good, I’m feeling great. I’m working hard – that’s no secret. I’m back at the club seeing my team-mates, seeing them do great work and me doing hard work to improve and get better and to be 100, 200 per cent able to play, which is the main objective. Slowly we are coming, and I am strong – I feel strong, day by day. Let’s see if it’s before the New Year or not – I’m following my schedule and doing exactly what I’m able to do, and I’m very excited because I’m feeling like I’m getting closer and closer. So the aim is, like I said, to finish what I started. Just for me to come back and have the smell of the grass, feel the heat, feel the atmosphere, that for me will be the trigger point where I will switch on and be the lion that I am. I am coming, just have patience."