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"In his last home defeat, I think he tried to go punch for punch with Pep Guardiola. I think his attitude after this game was: 'Nobody will come to my ground and do what they did to me again.' He doesn't like being humiliated, and I think he thought that day that they were too open, too free, and he didn't want that again in the big games at Old Trafford or away from home. 'I need to make sure we win and pick up other points.' His two problems are emotional: Manchester United's history and Pep Guardiola's football. They're causing him a bit of a problem, but it's perception. I have to say he's changed a lot since that City game, I think he's recognised he's going to win his way, he doesn't care what people say, and that shush was: 'Be quiet, I'm going to do it my way, I'm going to win my way.'"

"I think it's a problem in the long-term, but I think at the moment Manchester United need a cold, hard winner. If you ask United fans, they're emotional about how to play the game. They expect attack at all costs, they sing: 'Attack, attack, attack!' They want waves of attacks, sustained attacks. They don't expect you to drop off, retreat, they expect you, if you like, to almost die trying. My personal view is he has come in to win the league. He's got to win the league. The club hasn't won the league for a few years. I have to say they've scored 15 goals in five games at Old Trafford, and the games I've been to have been exciting, they've played well. Saturday was a really good performance; I actually thought it was a good game, a bit of a struggle, as big games should be We tear strips out of defences constantly when they make mistakes - the Liverpool performance at Spurs recently we said was ridiculous - but actually this is really good defending to get this group of players, top players, to get back goal side, get into good defensive shape. It's a resilience, a toughness that United have now got. They're hard to beat, you very rarely see them exposed. That's a robustness, a spirit. It's not easy to get a group of players to do that for you, and Jose Mourinho has players who will run through brick walls for him. They have to do it his way, and then they're off on the counter-attack."