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[10] Zlatan on his injury and rehab

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  • [10] Zlatan on his injury and rehab

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    "I tried to take down a ball with my chest and timed the landing wrong. I stuck my legs out and landed completely wrong. The leg went backwards and then it was pulled out. I have never been hurt, but then I felt I swallowed my tongue. It was a strange feeling that I had never known before. I told myself it's just a bang-up. But when I got up, I felt that the leg was not in balance. In the locker room they started to check the leg, but without an X-ray it was impossible to say exactly what the problem was. It turned out to be a cruciate ligament injury. Thoughts started spinning in my head. What's happening? It's a month before the season is over. I'm 35 years old; what can I do? What does the future hold? Instead of focusing on one thing at a time, like normally, a lot of things were spinning around in my mind."

    "Mentally, you must accept that it will take time, have patience and continue training at the pace the situation requires. I watched TV all the time and saw how everyone else was playing. I saw my own team play and I wanted to be there. I've been there for 15 years and this was the first time I'd had a major injury, so it was all new to me. But day by day I learn and I grow stronger every day. I can't influence things physically, but I can influence them mentally, and that's where I'm strong."

    "I’ve got new scars that could be called tattoos. They will be memories for life. I’ll always remember what happened, what I’ve gone through and what I’ve been fighting for. I remember being on crutches and lying in bed for 12 hours a day, feeling paralysed when you are used to playing and exercising every day. I am the kind of person who is always training a lot. Hard work gives you something in return, that is my philosophy."

    "The first thing I said to myself was that giving up was not an alternative. I have come this far and I will finish on my terms, not anyone else's. I will stop when I want, in the way that I want. That is my goal and it will happen. There are no other options. I was not going to let this injury stop me. The will to get better, wanting to do more, never giving up. Daring to take it to new levels where there are no limits."
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