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Q. Jose, how important is it to have, particularly Pogba and Zlatan back, how much of a benefit can they give to your squad?

JM: "Paul you can see that there was, and now I can speak because he's back, I didn't like to speak while he was injured, but you can clearly see Manchester United this season before Paul injury and after Paul injury, there are qualities in our football, there are qualities that influence our approach in matches, with Pogba and without Pogba, that's as simple as that. Zlatan last season, we played with him every minute almost until he was injured, this season we learn how to play without him, we played in a different way, but he is a very important player for us. And of course, welcome back, of course incredible personality to fight such an important injury, we were all saying, in 2017 he will back, but one thing is the 31st December 2017, and another thing is mid November. He was as an injured player, the same super professional he is when he is fit. So fantastic, fantastic work, same as Marcos, is a very important injury too, a big surgery, he played already with a young boys in the last Wednesday and he is fine, he is confident, he is also ready, and Paul is not the same obviously dimension, was not the same surgical situation but was also a good bad, when I say good I say bad, a bad injury, and all three are back."