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Q. Saying that you know what to expect from Rafa Benitez, how much are you looking forward to facing him again?

JM: "No, I don't play Rafa, I play Newcastle. Rafa doesn't play me, he plays Manchester United and that's the point. And that's the point. But you know I'm really good in forgetting football little things, bad words or moments of a discussion or conflict, I'm really good on forgetting that, the most important thing is the respect for the person, is respect for the professional. I respect him in both ways, the person and the professional. He is with me in one privilge list of the few managers in Europe that won Champions League and Europa League so we are side to side in that little group and I have immense respect for him so more than happy to see him, and to salute him and then to play him in one more match because in the end it's just one more match in our careers."