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[3] Jose Mourinho is not happy with England playing Phil Jones - and injecting him six times

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  • [3] Jose Mourinho is not happy with England playing Phil Jones - and injecting him six times

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    "Look, I expect that every player that was injured last week, I expect that these players are not playing. If a player was injured Wednesday and a player was ready to play tomorrow then there is something that is going wrong so Phil Jones was injured Wednesday, and obviously he is injured for tomorrow. If any player is ready for tomorrow, there is something strange. But for me, the more strange thing with Phil Jones is that I am in as a manager since 2000, in 17 years as a manager I don't have one single player that had injections of anaesthetic to play a friendly, never. Never, I am not an angel, and I have players to be injected to play official matches and crucial matches but a friendly? To get 6 anaesthetic injections, local, to play a friendly, I never heard about it and Phil Jones had it before the match and after 15 minutes he was out and obviously tomorrow he is out."

    Have you spoke to Gareth Southage 'No.' The medical people? 'No.' Have your medical people? 'No.' `Should Phil Jones have known better Jose? 'No'.

    "I'm just telling a fact, I'm just telling a fact. He was injected in the afternoon of a match, he didn't feel good during the warm up. Between the warm up and the start of the match he had 5 more local injections, to play the friendly."
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