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"I have one hundred per cent complete trust in the team. Even if I'm not there, I will be there giving them energy. There will be a big atmosphere in the stadium. It's a big game, with a big team and big players. These are the games you want to play. Unfortunately, I won't be playing but I will be there to help the team mentally. Obviously, we are playing City and in this moment we need the points and we need to win. It's an important moment, an important game, so like I said I am disappointed."

“It's a big derby and the atmosphere is going to be big. We want to win, we need to win as well. They need to win because they know that we are behind and we are closing and closing. We are still eight points behind, so with an eight-point gap we cannot win the league. We are still behind. But if I didn't believe that we can do it, I'd stop playing football now. It's going to be a big atmosphere in the stadium and a big game with a big team and big players, so that's the game you want to play. Unfortunately I won't play, but I'll be there to help the team mentally.”