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“I hope before the game you have a city full of colour, red and blue, and after the game, the same. I live a little bit isolated from society, I don’t feel it so much, for me it’s about training ground, hotel, my day off after the CSKA game I went home, so I really don’t have that communication. But I don’t need that to know a derby is something special for the people. For us is three points but for the people born in the city and feeling the colours in that good positive rivalry is a special match.”

on the clubs working together after the Manchester bomb

“These are the beautiful things that football can do, we could fill in that period that the clubs were ready to work together for the city, that’s no doubt, it would be really sad if that was not the case. Now this is a football match, an important football match where I wish everything goes well in relation to the fans. If taken in the right way the derby’s a beautiful thing, same city, different colours, friends support different colours, even under the same roof some families disagree on the passion of the colours, if taken in the right thing is a beautiful thing.”