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“Good footballers are not appearing any more, Messi and Ronaldo set the bar and there is no one approaching them.

“The game is dying because it is a street game and kids don’t play on the streets any more. The only place you can learn it is on the streets, but you have guys coaching six and seven years olds who are just confusing them.

“You look rugby and it’s in a wonderful golden age because kids are inspired by guys like (Brian) O’Driscoll, Joey Carbery, Johnny Sexton. If I want to watch some sport at 5.30 on a Saturday, I’d watch rugby every time over football.

“Look at what Joe Schmidt is doing with the Ireland rugby team and compare him to Martin O’Neill for God’s sake. Football is a dying game.

“It’s dying because there are not any good players coming through. I mean, Ibrahimovic should be working in a car wash and they still talk about him as if he is one of the great players of all time. Even Pep Guardiola couldn’t make him a player when he had him for a year at Barcelona.”

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