Order a RN subscription as an Xmas present and we'll take care of it and let them know it's from you, print or digital subs.

A 10 issue subscription to Red News is that little bit different from the usual Xmas offering, and you won't have to battle the mad crowds to get it!

Order a RN fanzine subscription on-line and we'll take care of it and let them know it's from you. Easy!

An ideal gift for anybody who is a Red - your partner, your best friend, your brother or sister, your mum or dad, your work mate, the ABU who wants to read MUFC once a month and know he's got it off you! (we could go on!).

And so they know what's on the way, we'll provide an Xmas themed gift certificate which can be sent to them before their first fanzine arrives. So they have something to unwrap on Christmas day! Or we'll include it with their first fanzine. We can also email this to you so you can give it to them yourself.

There's plenty who will testify to how great a read Red News is, packed full of opinions; interviews, laughter; mickey taking; gossip; match reports; stats; articles on United's history and much more! We love it, and we think they will too!

You can check out a preview of the fanzine with our free pdf of the mag - http://www.rednews.co.uk/downloads/free-red-news.pdf

To give a subscription as a gift takes two simple steps

1. Click here http://www.rednews.co.uk/subscription.php. Filling in the details of the person the sub is for in the 'other info' section as well as your own contact details. Applies for both print or digital - make sure you give us their postal or email addresses.

(You can also order by post - Red News, Unit 136, Mail Boxes, 19 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1AN)

2. Then e-mail us at [email protected] with...

the name/details of the person who is getting the sub and any personal message you want to send them


Any questions ask away at [email protected]