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[14] Jose Mourinho hits back at Paul Scholes' criticism after the Soton draw, here's his answer in full

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  • [14] Jose Mourinho hits back at Paul Scholes' criticism after the Soton draw, here's his answer in full

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    "You know I think the only thing Paul Scholes does is to criticise. I don't think he comments, I think he criticise which is a different thing. But not every one of us has to be phenomenal like he was as a player. He was a phenomenal player, that doesn't mean that we all have to be phenomenal. Paul tries to do his best all the time and sometimes he plays very well, sometimes he plays well and sometimes he doesn't play so well, you know, it's not Paul's fault that he made much more money than Paul Scholes, it's not Paul Pogba's fault, it's just the way football is. But I think Scholsey will be in the history like the phenomenal player, not as a pundit, so I prefer to look at him as a phenomenal player that gave so much to the club that I am proud to represent and to give my overall contribution every day, every day I try to do my best. If Paul one day decides to be a manager, I wish that he can be 25% as successful as myself. Because 25%... so 50% is twelve and a half silverware, 25% is around six, if he's 25% he will be quite happy. But in my mind, Paul Scholes, phenomenal player, one of the best players I have ever seen playing in midfield, and gave so much to my club that I can only thank him for that because the prestige of this club is based on people like him so successful here."
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