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Derby manager Gary Rowett

“I think every team will have a similar approach around the FA Cup. With such a heavily packed schedule around Christmas, it would be silly not to freshen up in one or two areas. But that’s not to say I will make 10 or 11 changes!”

and he's not happy with a heavy run of Xmas fixtures

"I heard a few comments saying this is tradition, and that professional footballers should get on with it. I understand that, I do, but the more you see those fixtures, the more it doesn't make sense. You have the Boxing Day game and the New Year's Day game, and I think the fans would be more than happy with that. I am not one to bleat about it, I just get on with it, but if you are asking for my opinion then we don't need that second game in three days. It is just an unnecessary toll, and risk. It's not so much that the players can't do it and it is asking too much, it is just you would get more injuries in that second game than you would normally. It is a risk that doesn't make sense, in my opinion."