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"You start your question well. I always give a lot of respect to the cups. Of course, the FA Cup is special in relation to the League Cup but even the League Cup I think I was one of the first managers of the top teams to go to the League Cup and win it, I started that immediately when I arrived in 2004. I had that feeling that the cup is a beautiful competition; let’s try to win it, to try and enjoy the knockouts, let’s respect the competition, let’s respect the opponents, so you can imagine that being the FA Cup - the most important domestic cup in England - that you always try.
I won it once, I couldn’t win it more than that. The League Cup I did it I think four times. The FA Cup only once. Would I like to win a second one? Of course I would and we are going to try.
The draw was not nice to us because we are going to play against a Premier League team. You look to the players they are not Championship players, they are Premier League players. I think I played against the majority of them in the Premier League. So when you go to the Carsons, Curtis Davies, Ledley, Vydra, Huddlestones, I play against all of them."