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"I think the first half was not very good, I think Stoke had a good, positive attitude. We scored an amazing goal, but it was not enough to hurt them because they had a very good reaction, they were very positive, they had the best chances in the first half, and then we were a bit lucky to score the second goal, another beautiful one.

"In the second half it was different, the second half was harder for them, 2-0 was difficult for them to react to, we were in control of the game. They just had the one chance at the end with Diouf when we were 3-0 up with amazing goals. We had lots of chances to score the third goal and to kill the match before we did. But to say the match was in our control from the beginning, I wouldn't say that because I think they [Stoke] were good. We were sometimes too calm, sometimes too slow, in the first half and we let them get compact and organise quite easily. In the second half we improved, we moved the ball quicker, we had faster transitions, we passed the ball and recovered the ball and we created them problems."