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"I think he has done really well,"

"Sometimes people can be unfair in terms of the numbers and the consistency but that is often enough when you go for a huge price tag and play for the likes of Manchester United - you are under certain scrutiny at certain times and you have got to be consistent.

"I think that for me looking at him I always felt he was the right buy for us and he has already scored double figures - 16 or 17 goals already and we are only at the halfway mark.

"If he continues in that vein then he is going to get close to 30-plus goals and I think that is a pretty good return. At the end of the day, being a striker in that position you are always going to be judged on the number of goals and I am sure he is on course to do that, although people still point the finger at whether he is good enough or not.

"But I have no doubt, he is still a young man and is developing and will get better as the years go by and with the expectation of being at Manchester United."