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Hi everyone,

Sundays are more relaxed after a win. On Saturday, at Turf Moor, we got three very valuable points against a team that has the ideas very clear about how to play and exploit the skills of their players. They are a very physical team, dangerous in set pieces and crossings from both wings, but we did a fantastic job defensively and, even if it wasn’t our best day in terms of ball circulation, we managed to take one of our chances and Anthony scored a great goal. In short, it was a nice win in a game marked by the low temperatures that we’re having in England these days. In those conditions, the big support that we had from our fans is commendable, and our captain Michael was among them. It was fantastic to see him there with his son. Thank you so much to those who travel every two weekends to see us in other stadiums, you are amazing. I also want to send my regards to those who watched the game in the #ILOVEUNITED party in Mumbai. The support we get from so many different parts of the world is just great. That’s why this club is special.

Please allow me to highlight this weekend the achievements of two big champions from my country, that once again have showed how good they are in two different disciplines: in figure skating, Javier Fernandez won his sixth consecutive European Championship to become a legend of this sport, right before the Winter Olympics; in motorsport, another big legend, Carlos Sainz, won his second Dakar after all his success in the World Rally Championship. The weekend in la Liga was a bit outshone by those two events. The championship in Spain remains interesting, with two scores that were perhaps a bit unexpected: Atletico’s draw and Valencia’s defeat. Real Madrid and Barcelona got crushing wins. I could only watch some highlights from those games, Bale and Messi scored superb goals… There’s still a long way to go in the league. Meanwhile, in the second division, Real Oviedo won again and they remain in the top side of the table, I hope they can stay there in the next few months!

Have a happy week, and thank you for your support.