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"He can bring quality of creativity, technical stability and experience. Overall we lose a world class player and gain a world class player. He has the qualities to integrate into our game. He has a good team attitude. He’s very versatile. He and Mesut Ozil can play together. You look at players what can they give to the team. Good players can always play together. He can play in all kinds of positions. He is very versatile and it should help us going forward. I have no doubt about his attitude. He suffered a bit with the competition he had there. That his challenge and my challenge to get that out here. I will know how much it affected his confidence over the next few weeks. That's his challenge and it’s my challenge to get him to express his incredible talent. But as well it's a new chance for him, what you want in life is a new chance and I'm sure with his quality that he will take it."

"He’s a very complete player. He creates chances, he defends well, he can absorb distances and he’s very committed as well. I must say he’s a player who has all the attributes. Maybe where he’s a bit short is on goalscoring but he has improved that. If you look at the number of goals he’s scored in his career, it’s quite impressive overall."

“We were in a position where we lose a player who has no value on the market. Against a player who has a value on the market, because he has a contract with us. At least, on that front, we exchanged a player with a player who is one year younger. So overall, I agree with you. It’s better to buy a player who is 23 or 24. But we didn’t spend any money here, and we got a quality player.”