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[18] Jose Mourinho thinks it is a fair deal for Alexis Sanchez who was at the end of his contract

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  • [18] Jose Mourinho thinks it is a fair deal for Alexis Sanchez who was at the end of his contract

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    “Honestly I think it is a fair deal. I cannot describe it as cheap but it is not expensive either when you put the numbers into perspective. The money we are paying in wages instead is according to his quality and, something people often forget, in acknowledgment of the risk. A player who allows the end of his contract to approach takes a risk. He is not protected by another two or three years of a deal, just imagine if he had picked up a similar injury to James McCarthy. Expensive or cheap? Honestly, I think it was fair. I cannot say that it was expensive because it wasn’t, I cannot say it was cheap because if you add all the values of his contract, it’s not also cheap. But I think it’s a very good deal for us and the player has a fantastic contract. It’s a contract according to his qualities as a player and according to the situation – no transfer fee. The player that lets his contract arrive until the end is a player that is playing and training every day at the limit of risk, a risk other players don't have. When a player signs his contract for three, four, five years, a player doesn't have that risk. When a player lets his contract go until the end, every day he is playing in the risk. Imagine him a couple of years ago with same injury as McCarthy - which I get the occasion to wish him the best possible recovery. A player without a contract is a player playing within the risk. He has to take advantage of the risk. That's obvious."
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