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talking to Sid Lowe

“That’s why it is difficult. He told me I had to stay but I wanted to play and get more minutes. He wanted me to stay there and it was important, but I needed to do this. This was important for me and my career. And I’m sure if it works out, next year I will be back there and it will be better for both of us. In the end I think he is happy because he is a very honest coach. I was talking to him right up to the very last minute when I came here.”

“For some players it can be difficult at a smaller club and they suffer; they don’t want to be at a club that’s going to get relegated, so they think: ‘Why am I here? What am I doing?’ But it was good for me to go to Granada. I felt the difference after a full season there and I wanted that again, just at a better team. I had that chance because Valencia wanted me; it’s a big club and we can do well, as we’re showing. It’s not like last season when we lost 10 games in a row. You can lose but you know you’ll bounce back and to get this club back into the Champions League alone would be a fantastic achievement, especially if you see last season how it was here. It will be very special. For sure, Mourinho is happy because Marcelino is a very, very good coach as well and we are doing great."