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"It’s not because of this Munich disaster that the game becomes important for us, the game is important because we need points to be the first of the last, we have to try to finish second, we are in this positions all season, we were first for a few weeks and then we were always second, I don’t remember us being fourth, fifth or sixth, we have been there since the beginning of the season, better than last season in every aspect, points, position, number of goals scored, conceded, better in everything so we have to try to stay there and is not easy because very good teams.
Chelsea is Champions again, fantastic market, Liverpool is a great team, Arsenal improved a lot in the market, Tottenham is a fantastic team and they are five points behind us, so we are doing quite well, with some negative moments, Wednesday was one. Is very important to do better than last season and try to win something, and if not do better. I cannot say, we Tottenham or Chelsea is doing bad because the points we have are very reasonable but Manchester City started strong and kept doing strong and managed to win matches they didn’t deserve - I give credit - with that last push of the last minute goal, the winning goal in extra time, they managed to do that in a way where that’s the distance. If you tell me all six want to be champion and only one will be and the other five fail, I think is too pragmatic a way to look at it because you can do positive work and not winning the title."