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Now out. '1958, A personal account of that fateful year for Manchester United.' by Roy Cavanagh MBE. The print edition via Kindle via

"I think first of all, United have the best away fans. Obviously at home you get 75,000 so a lot of the fans maybe aren't regulars and maybe want to be entertained before they support the team. The away fans aren't like that, they support the team with different songs throughout every game. Also, when you're at home you're often coming up against 11 men behind the ball and you've got to be patient as a team and as the crowd. It has always been the case in home games when United are struggling to break sides down that you start to get groans when the ball goes backwards. What I'd say is it hasn't changed at Old Trafford, even when we were at our very best. The fans will be well up for it when the teams needs them against Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham, but in games like Huddersfield, the players just have to do what is expected and get the job done."