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"Playing him in one position to allow him to enhance United’s performances would help him. I don’t think they are doing at the moment. One week he’s playing one role, then he’s playing a deeper role or a wider role. That’s not helping him as he faces a lot of criticism due to his price tag.

"He can play a defensive role but those types of players don’t enjoy it as much. You won’t get the best out of him. As a player, the more comfortable you feel in a position the better you’ll perform. Having watched him on a regular basis, I think he’s more a creative player than a destructive one,’ Lescott added.

"He can defend the ball but he doesn’t naturally defend – he’s not a danger spotter putting out fires. He wants to go and make things happen.

"I’d like to go and see him be able to influence games and win football matches for his team. He’s more than capable of doing that. Then I’d put a couple more defensive minded players around him – like Fernandinho does at Manchester City – that would allow Pogba to go.

"Pogba has the potential to be what he wants to be.’