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Now out. '1958, A personal account of that fateful year for Manchester United.' by Roy Cavanagh MBE. The print edition via Kindle via

"I came here to win. I left Arsenal because I wanted to develop and learn as a player, and get to experience a new club. Manchester United are a huge club on the global stage, I came here to win everything. Otherwise I wouldn't have come here. I think United have to win everything because it's such a big club. The club crest says it all. I came here to win everything that United deserve to win."

"I think that Manchester United… since I was young - and I'm not just saying this because I'm here I'm an honest guy and I never lie - I think it's the biggest club in England. That's what I think. There are lots of big clubs, and having played for Arsenal, they are also one of them. It's a huge club and I was there. But coming here, looking at the badge. I'm so proud to wear the No.7 shirt. And I know many people say there's added pressure linked to that or it might work against you, but I simply enjoy my football whether I'm No.10 or 9. Or any other number. Or even 14 or 12!"